How to remove makeup for working moms

I like these so much better than other brands because these are a lot softer and easier on skin.

They do remove makeup better than wipes.

(However, this makeup remover does not react very well on most eye makeup especially waterproof).

This makeup remover very sturdy and plush. Easily removes foundation and sunscreen.

Two sides: 1 microfiber side and 1 side that has longer loops supposedly best for exfoliation.

I hardly ever use the long fibered side and I get nice exfoliation from microfiber side. Way better than a normal wash cloth.

I get a thrill out of seeing all my makeup on the wipe.

I can easily toss these in the washer or wash with soap or face cleanser to get them clean (for short term).

I always wash them in the washer after using a couple of days.

No special wash instructions, and I often throw these in the dryer. Just let it dry and you can use it all over again.



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