5 Steps – How I plan my cleaning schedule as a super busy working mom?

Are you a working mom?

Yet… You still need to keep up with your house (cleaning, dusting, changing bedsheets, etc)?

Here’s how you can plan and organize your home every single day (without sacrificing your weekends):

Step 1 – Identify Your Cleaning Items

Step 2 – Decide Your Daily Schedule for Each Items

Step 3 – Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) – Have Fun and Spend Time With Your Family

Step 4 – Monday – My Kitchen

Step 5 – Tuesday – My floors

Step 6 – Wednesday – My Bathrooms

Step 7 – Thursday – My Living Room

Step 8 – Friday – My Bedrooms

Plan your schedule now – Here’s your checklist

Another tips – Here’s how to remove makeup for working moms (under 60 seconds)


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