Lucky Draw 8/8/20 – PERCUMA Dessini Italy Frying Pan (Bernilai RM149)

Hai semua!   Pada 8hb Ogos 2020 (8/8/20), kami akan buat Lucky Draw untuk semua pembelian produk di Order Insta. Anda berpeluang untuk menang Dessini Italy Frying Pan (Bernilai RM149)! 3 Syarat penyertaan Lucky Draw Order Insta: – Lucky Draw ini bermula pada 8hb Ogos 2020 (Sabtu). Dari 10 pagi hingga 10 malam.   […]

5 Steps – How I plan my cleaning schedule as a super busy working mom?

Are you a working mom? Yet… You still need to keep up with your house (cleaning, dusting, changing bedsheets, etc)? Here’s how you can plan and organize your home every single day (without sacrificing your weekends): Step 1 – Identify Your Cleaning Items Step 2 – Decide Your Daily Schedule for Each Items Step 3 […]

How to remove makeup for working moms

I like these so much better than other brands because these are a lot softer and easier on skin. They do remove makeup better than wipes. (However, this makeup remover does not react very well on most eye makeup especially waterproof). This makeup remover very sturdy and plush. Easily removes foundation and sunscreen. Two sides: […]

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